Thursday, July 13, 2006

Had Bill and Janice Mytton from Asarokee, Montana. He worked on Nilo Plantation in Georgia. He worked with Pearsal Cottton there. She is a retired veterinaran and knows lots about working dogs and their health. I had them come by and see my kennels. She took the time to look at one of my young dogs eyes that was irritated. He had lots of great stories of working dogs on the plantations and field trials down there. They also know all the field trialers that travel the country runnins dogs. It was enteresting hearing all the behind the scenes stories of the field trials and that it really takes a good scout to win the trials. We talked dogs all day and even managed to catch a few fish. Mostly on Elk hair Caddis. But when it got cloudy big rubber legged Golden Stone dry got them to strike. Saw a fish swirl on a real adult Golden stone several times before actually eating it. That's probably why we never actually hooked a fish with our imatation. They were just swatting at it to torture the poor fly and us. Evil bastards. We had huricane set in on us with 50+ mph winds. Almost could not get the boat to shore. Trees were breaking in the woods, lightning popping all around. I thought it was pretty fun being out in the elements. Bill and Janice seemed to have a good time too.


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